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Couples and Money: Why Money Can Be a Taboo Topic

“Speaking about money in marriage is the last taboo. Couples would prefer to talk about sex or infidelities rather than how they handle family finances or how much money they earn.”  - Joan D. Atwood, “ Couples and Money: The Last Taboo Kelly and Craig don’t talk about money anymore. When they try to, they [...]

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7 Reasons Why You’re Lonely in a Crowded City

"People can freely ignore you in the city; they can assume they don't have any responsibility for you. When there are fewer people, (...) they begin assuming some kind of responsibility, simply because you naturally do the same."  — Mercedes Lackey, author of Winds of Change No matter how you try, you can’t shake the [...]

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Your Second Baby: Suddenly Coping with Twice As Many Kids

Baby number two is wonderful. Even more love and excitement and memories come with your second baby. Your second baby is also double the work and challenge. Some would say that two little ones are quadruple the challenge at times. Just when you may have thought you had this parenting thing down... It’s okay. Every parent feels [...]